Snow Activities in India

Whether you are looking for thrilling expeditions and paragliding and skiing are the sports that interest you more, then head towards India, plushed with some of the best extreme sports destinations of the world. Worth checking out are Manali in Himachal, Garhwal region in Uttar Pradesh and Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir. Winter sports are not just about snow skiing, there are plenty of activities one can try out.

If just your imagination has been enjoying free flight, it’s time you did too! From time immemorial, as watching that light blue, filled with clouds mystery called the sky, man has been dreaming of flying, of being as free as a bird, unrestricted in his motions and feelings.The touch with the air and the scenery around have always attracted man's mind. Man had one more "chance" to learn how to fly. It was his passion for great height. " Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world.The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable.

ABVIMAS - Welcome to the one stop adventure outlet- Mountaineering Backpacking , Skiing ,Soft Adventure, Trekking , Corporate adventure traning , Rafting , Kayaking , Paragliding , Para-trekking. We have tours for all individual, Students, Professionals. Senior Citizens , Families from India and aborad. Our unique hand on approach to wilderness education has made us the most popular institute in the Western Himalayas. To cater to these diverse activities and individuals our centers are spread all over the Himalayas. From ABVIMAS head quaters at manali we control the Snow Skiing Center at Solang Nala (Distt. Kull), Narkand ( Distt. Shimla ) and Hatkoti. ...more
The fascinating sport of Paragliding, is one of the most popular aero sports all over the world. A large number of people across the world enjoy this sport, as it is convenient and safe medium of soaring high in the air. Paragliding is the latest aero sport, whose origin goes back to1940s, but it expended rapidly after 1980s. The adventure sport is a blend of skydiving and hand gliding, but a para-glider is different from a hand-glider or a parachute. Paragliding is somewhat similar to Para Sailing, the only difference is that Para Sailing is done on the beach while the launch sides for Para Gliding are gentle hill sides. The Himalayan mountain ranges in India are world famous as they offer enough Para gliding opportunities. The lofty peaks of these mountains, sprawling from north to east are considered amongst the best gliding sites of the world. ...more